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At the Annual Joint Energy Industry Association in November, the One Voice Committee made its debut. This joint industry committee is devoted to recruiting high quality students into the Petroleum Industry and improving the public image of our industry through education and public outreach.

The concept is to combine forces to formulate and deliver a powerful message that the Petroleum Industry offers a variety of attractive career alternatives.

This message comes from an industry using cutting-edge technologies to empower the people of the world with minimal impact on the environment. “We want people who are interested in making a difference in this world,” said Josh Etkind, point man for the committee. He asked for participation in the “One Voice” committee from a team of professionals who represent all the organizations and as many companies as possible to collaborate on the creation and delivery of this message. Every organization and company has some public relations, scholar-ship, and/or career guidance efforts currently underway. Together we can be so much more effective.

Participants best suited to join this committee are currently serving on a committee related to public relations, scholarships, career guidance, public outreach, or education in
their organization or spirited individuals especially interested in these areas. One or two representatives from each organization and company is the first goal. Details will come out of that group, tentatively scheduled to meet on January 21, 2004.

The intent is not to pull in all resources from existing entities, or to end any current programs ongoing, but to coordinate efforts, eliminate redundancies, and take advantage of synergies.

For additional information, call Josh Etkind at (504) 799-4818 or e-mail

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